20 Ways to Be More Environmentally Friendly!

We have all been overloaded with GO GREEN information. If you are alive, you have seen it or heard it. Most people will ignore it and move on with their lives, I did for a long time, but my husband and I have decided to make the change. Making the change doesn’t just mean you are helping the environment, but also your health. Here are 20 simple ways that you can become more environmentally friendly and help the world around you:

  1. Make your own food items to save on waste. Examples: applesauces and bbq sauce
  2. Stop using paper napkins and paper towels. Use rags instead. For cleaning cloths, cut up old tshirts.
  3. Switch to reusable items such as tupperware and cups.
  4. Buy and sell used items such as clothes, books, etc.
  5. Recycle!!! Check out Recyclebank– you can earn points for recycling and use them on rewards!
  6. Use a pressure cooker! They save time, money, and energy. Here is the one we use.
  7. Eat less meat and dairy. 70% of the Amazon Rainforest has been destroyed to raise livestock. Here is an amazing Vegetarian recipe.
  8. Grow you own food. Plant vegetables and seasonings!
  9. Use reusable water bottles.
  10. Turn off the tap water when brushing your teeth, no need to keep it running.
  11. Carpool
  12. Make sure your home is insulated
  13. Line dry your clothes
  14. DIY beauty products can save money and help you go green.
  15. Plant a tree.
  16. Start using re-usable straws. Here is a great link.
  17. Buy locally grown or organic. Visit your local farmers market.
  18. Stop Littering!!
  19. Plan a day to pick up litter with your family!
  20. Only run your dishwasher when it is full.

These are small and easy, yet effective ways to make a small change. They are also things that you can suggest to your family and friends that will not take much effort or inconvenience them. Remember this isn’t just your world, its our and our children’s. Let’s give them a great start and a beautiful world to live in.

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