Opinion: Do you agree with the Government Shutdown?

I have my own opinions on the government shutdown and border wall. However, I enjoy hearing what others have to say, and why they think like they do. So I set out to find a few people to answer my questions honestly. I posted on a local page in my town that I was writing a piece on the government shutdown and border wall, and was wanting to know if anyone was interested in answering my questions. Immediately a debate started on my post, no one actually answering if they wanted to have a discussion with me. One lady, who we will call Sue commented, “It’s just terrible how the Democrats won’t even negotiate! Terrible that they are partying in Puerto Rico while we are paying them to work for us, they need to negotiate more, party less.” 

Now there is a problem with that statement, Democrats have tried to negotiate. They offered President Trump $1.3 Billion, instead of the $5 billion Trump has asked for, and he is the one saying no. Here is the linkAlso, as far as “partying in Puerto Rico,” they were there to raise awareness for the still ongoing efforts of restoring Puerto Rico after the hurricane.

Another woman, we will call her Marcy, commented on my post and said, “What’s really terrible is that a grown man is playing games with people’s lives like this. He is spoiled, and narcissistic, and having a temper tantrum because he isn’t getting his way, Impeach Him!

We are clearly a nation divided.

I had 4 people I interviewed, There names have been changed for this piece. Here is how the interviews went;

“Have you been affected by the government shutdown, or know anyone that has?

Jared: “No”

Tonya: “no”

Bobby: “No, my sister works for the VA but they are being paid.”

Mick: “I have multiple friends, family, and previous co-workers going without pay right now.”

“Do you support the government shutdown? Why or why not.”

Jared: “No, I do not support the shutdown. I think it’s an act of ignorance and bullheadedness.”

Tonya: ” No. I feel a compromise could be met if our officials acted like adults instead of spoiled children.”

Bobby: “I do support it as it may be the only way to get the two sides talking. Guess we will see if that works.”

Mick: “I do not support the shutdown, but I understand it and support the cause.”

“How do you feel about the wall?”

Jared: “The wall (we need border patrol) is pointless. First they said it was because of illegal immigrants, now they are playing on the fear of Americans by saying terrorists are going to come through. 40% of illegals come by plane, as well as most jihadists. As far as the drug trafficking, most come through our ports, tunnels, planes, and straight through border patrol checkpoints.”

Tonya: “We have some what of a wall now! I believe we do need more border security but by using man power and technology.”

Bobby: “I think the wall seems like a good idea based on al I have heard and read as it works where it exists.”

Mick: “I think we need the wall, what is wrong with ensuring that more people access our country legally? It will cut down on human trafficking and drug trade utilizing the border.”

“How would you say Trump is doing? Do you think he cares more about the wall than the American people? Will he be re-elected in 2020 in your opinion?”

Jared: “I personally think he has separated this country more than ever. His presidency has shown how racist this country really is. Easy one, the wall”

Tonya: ” I do not like the way our president represents us as a country. He is not well spoken and is a bully. I do not believe he will be re-elected. Yes, he does care more about the wall.”

Bobby: “Not at all, I think he is the first president that we have had that cares at all about the American People. All in all I think he is doing a great job, especially on the economic front. I also like the way he is standing up to foreign governments.” 

Mick: “Trump is a raging asshole, but he is getting things done that others have ignored for decades. He will be re-elected in 2020.

“Any final thoughts on Trump, the shutdown, and the wall?”

Jared: “I really believe we need a strong third-party instead of just Democrats and Republicans. My opinion is that if they got rid of lobbyists, this country would run more smoothly.”

Tonya: “We need to take care of our vets and the American people for sure. Vets are not being cared for and healthcare for all stinks, and needs to be better. Trump needs to focus on what is important and a smart way to ask for it. Border control is important but the wall is not! Use vets to patrol, put them to work! Lets put more man power at the points of entry, the wall will not do a damn thing!”

Bobby: “I think all of the politicians need to be reminded that they work for us and not for special interests and themselves so they need to get off their butts and work together to solve a problem. True has made it clear that the wall isn’t negotiable but DACA and some other things the Democrats want are. They need to work together. I also am a fan of term limits for all of them. There should never be career politicians and none should get a pension.” 

Mick: “I think Trump cares enough about the American people that he will press with the wall, even though it’s not comfortable and isn’t popular.”

I also took a poll on facebook and whether people supported Trump or not, results were 23% do support him and 76% do not. What I learned from this is that this country is really torn. And everyone seems to have different information that fuels their beliefs. It is hard to say who is right and who is wrong. I know how I feel, but what if I am one of the mis-informed.  I hope that this country can pull itself together. I personally do not think Trump will be re-elected, and I hope he is not. I think he has driven a wedge in this country and he acts selfishly and out of pride rather than genuinely caring. This wall is just another object to slap his name on.

I want to thank everyone who participated and was so open and honest with me. It was great to hear the other side as well. Until next time 🙂




2 thoughts on “Opinion: Do you agree with the Government Shutdown?

  1. Very interesting post, I would like to add a Canadian view of the shutdown. The wall for Trump is about getting re-elected. He was ready to accept 1.3 billion but right wing media criticized him so he shuts the government down.
    Most Canadians that I talk to think that Trump and his supporters are stupid to think that a wall works. My respect for America has been declining over the past 2 years. It is like living next door to a bunch of crazy people.

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