Trumps Wall and this government shutdown

badge150x150Okay, let’s get political. Let me start by saying, I am no fan of President Trump, and I express that daily. With that being said, I will talk and listen to those who do support him, as long as it is an educated conversation and not a hostile one.

Trump has been saying since day one, that we need this wall on the Mexico border and that Mexico was paying for it. No matter how many times he denies it, he has said it.

Here is a clip.

The problem with this is, Mexico says they will not pay for it. If with tariffs being added to Mexican goods, the extra money from that goes into the treasury, not the wall funding. So, ultimately, guess who is paying for that wall? That’s right, you, the American taxpayer.

Trump is currently asking for $5.7 Billion for his wall, adding that to America’s already $21.974 trillion in debt. Democrats will not approve that amount of money, because they do not think that this wall will solve a thing, and I think they are right. Here are a few of the proven incorrect arguments, Trump has for this wall.

  1. He states that illegal immigration causes violent crime.

According to a study published by NATO, native-born American citizens are more likely to commit violent crimes than illegal immigrants.

2. The border wall will stop the flow of drugs into the US. He asserts that 90% of our heroine comes from Mexico.

While he is correct that most of our heroine comes from Mexico, it is not coming from illegal immigrants. It is coming from legal American citizens who are acting as drug mules. Those people are also coming through legal points of entry.

3. Much of the wall has been built already.

There has been renovations done to existing structures of a wall, however, there has been nothing new done since Trump has taken office. So his argument that democrats are putting a halt to it, is incorrect.

4. Nearly 4,00 known or suspected terrorists have tried to cross the border and been caught. This is a statement also used by Mike Pence and Sarah Sanders.

This, at best, is misleading! NBC reports that only 6 immigrants whose names are on a watch list were caught at the border. A DHS fact sheet, states that most terrorists prefer to enter the country through Air travel.

5. Democrats will not support or fund border security.

This again is wrong, they just will not give him the funding he wants. Democrats all agree we need security, but they think his price tag is a bit much. They offered him $1.3 billion, but he said no.

Here is a fact for you, over half of legal immigrants came here legally, with a visa. What usually happens is that after their visa expires, they stay. So maybe that $5 billion could be used for better monitoring.

All of this has led Trump into throwing a tantrum like a toddler and a government shutdown.


He is threatening that this shutdown will last months to years, if he does not get what he wants. Even stating that he could call for a national emergency to get the funding. Sorry, but the President of the United States should not be looking for loop holes.

So what does this government shutdown mean? It means 420,000 people are having to put gas in their cars to go to work with no pay. It means another 380,000 people are laid off. These people can’t pay rent, get groceries, pay loans, or by medications. Some can’t pay for funerals or medical procedures. It means American citizen may not be getting their tax returns on times. The National Parks service could shutdown.

Here is a kicker, one of the departments being affected by the shutdown? Border Security. Some officers may stand with Trump but the majority don’t, they just want to get paid.

Trump keeps tossing around that word “crisis” but it has been reported by CNN that an inside source says Trump and his team are being urged to use that word, so if he does declare a National emergency it will look good. But I ask you, where exactly is this crisis?

Trump has one choice to make, the American people or the wall. Guess he is making his choice pretty clear.
But that is just my opinion…



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