Bucket List For Us

So my husband and I have decided to start a youtube page, mainly just for fun, and for us to have something to work on together, a project of sorts. Coming up with ideas for silly little skits turned into doing challenges which turned into creating a bucket list for a couple. Some of our ideas are specific to us but I thought I’d share them with you. We will be documenting our adventures, in a channel we call Big World, Little Adventures. Here is our bucket list SO FAR

  1. Get a Couples massage
  2. go on a double date
  3. write each other a love letter
  4. have a picnic
  5. create a scrapbook
  6. cook a meal or dessert together
  7. trip to somewhere new
  8. do a spaghetti kiss
  9. host a couples game night
  10. hot air balloon ride
  11. attend a concert (hard to believe neither one of us has done this)
  12. dine at a fancy restaurant
  13. learn a ballroom dance
  14. ride a tandem bike
  15. visit BANFF national park
  16. visit the grand canyon
  17. play 20 questions
  18. Play Messy Twister
  19. go tech free for 24 hours
  20. make a time capsule
  21. go on a cruise
  22. see the northern lights
  23. adopt a puppy
  24. run/walk a 5k
  25. Go on a road trip
  26. visit the Smithsonian
  27. visit DC
  28. take a cooking class
  29. Buy a House
  30. see the highlands in Scotland
  31. Swim with dolphins
  32. See the 8 wonders of the world
  33. stay in an overwater bungalow
  34. go parasailing
  35. see hobbit town in new Zealand
  36. visit the redwoods
  37. see a broadway play
  38. see cirque du soleil
  39. visit an abandoned place that may or may not be historic
  40. see a real castle

Life is such an adventure and we wanna do it all together. Marriage is something that has to be worked on, you have to keep it alive.

What other things would you add to the list?


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