Be Unapologetically you!

I have been told many things about myself. Someone else always seems like they have an opinion on me. I’ve been called ugly, fat, funny, weird, cute, beautiful, loving, bitchy, sarcastic, smart, the list goes on and on. Even if some are said in a joking manner, after a while you start to believe those things about yourself.

I always tried to fit in with others, and sometimes would compromise who I was as a person. I always stuck to my morals, but there were times when my personality would change based on who I was hanging out with at that time. But then I realized that those people would come and go, they had their fill of me and then they were ready to move on to the next person willing to give up themselves to become their clone.

My senior year in high school I decided I was going to embrace who I was, because I was awesome! I went from having a lot of “friends” to have just a few, but those friendships were stronger and meant a lot more. They accepted me for who I was, no judgement.

You see, I am different than most women. I like to get dressed and do my makeup and hair, but when I get home, best believe the yoga pant or leggings are coming on and the bra is coming off. I cuss like a sailor when the kids are gone. I have a dirty mind, and I like sex. I burp like a man, sometimes I can out burp a man. I snort when I laugh hard. I can make fun of myself and tell you that even though I am book smart I have no common sense and do some really really funny/stupid things. I don’t judge other people, and I try my hardest to look at a person’s heart rather than appearance. I stand my ground, I do not let people walk all over me, I do not care who you are. The best part about all of this, I found a man who loves all of that about me. Our relationship is strong and close because I do not hide myself from him nor does he me.

Always be you. Who wants to fake life. Enjoy life, live in the moment, smile, eat the cake, work hard, and BE YOU!


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