badge150x150I came across something that I thought could help a lot of people. It is called the STOP method. It is something to use for when you are feeling kind of low. So We will start letter by letters.

S- Stop. Physically and literally stop moving. Stop whatever it is you are doing. Do not engage with what is is you are currently in engaging with.

T- Take a breath (maybe a few). Inhale slow exhale slow, feel and empty those lungs. Focus on your breathing only, clear your mind.

O- Observe. Pay attention to any uncertainty or unease you are feeling. Listen to your heart rate, and where you feel restless. Observe your emotions, name them. What is going on around you? Is it loud? Too Quiet?

P- Proceed with driven purpose. What is it that you need in this moment? Do you need food? Rest? What is it that you can manage right now? Decided in this moment what is in your best interest and commit to it.

Sometimes we need to just stop and relax and actually listen to our heart and mind. Our bodies will tell us what we need to heal. Get your mind right then we can get everything else right. If it is negative thoughts, figure out why it is you think those things. For me, it was constant criticism for my weight or even if I was a healthy weight, I just was “thicker” than other girls. So I always seen “The fat girl” no matter what I did. I had to realize what made me think that way, and erase it, I had to get my mind right first!


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